Sculptor Do Ho Suh’s Staircase-III, installed at Tate Modern in London. I got to see this in person last year, and it’s a very beautiful work of art — but what makes it really special to me is just how special it seems to be to game designers. Every friend and colleague in the industry I force this upon, look at it, goddamn you!, exhibits a similar response: wonder. It’s like looking at the start of a Hammer level from the inside.

Incidentally, what prompted this today was a really great article in Vice about the infectious culture of delusion that seems to inhabit some circles of the art world. It’s comforting to read those words when I’ve wondered, quite often—especially lately—whether my utter lack of emotional response to 98% of art meant that I was dead inside, or maybe just thick.

But then I remember Staircase-III, and I am reminded that what I want art to be is an engine to inspire wonder. It may be rare as hell, but it happens from time to time.

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